Thursday, February 14, 2008

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Crush Linking

It's Valentines Day, so thought I'd link to a few points of interest out there I'm crushing on right now...
A couple good write ups on the late great Steve Gerber:

A new column on looking at publishing/creating/starting out in comics, with the first installment on about the different options to take a book:
Delusions of Grandeur
This one looks worth following, either if you think about going this route, or wonder what's involved.

There looks like a cool new pulp inspired book, stocked to the gills with talented industry creators coming soon, as previewed in this weeks Lying In The Gutters:
Five Color Comics

And last but not least, potentially good news for Flash Gordon fans, a new publishing upstart, Ardden Entertainment, co-helmed by Rich Emms formerly of Markosia and AP Comics, has obtained a license to produce new comics based on the property, that look to take inspiration for the serials, with their own spin on it:
Newsarama feature
We'll see, we all know how the SCI-FI TV series turned out... It does look like they might have something in time for New York Comic Con, so cool! I'll be there, and will check it out!!
Here's hoping!!!

And then of course, the news that the new Clone Wars CG animated TV show will bow in movie theaters this August!!!

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