Saturday, April 09, 2005


Amidst the wasteland that is radio, a trembling could be heard, Nine Inch Nails have returned. Yep, caught the end of the new NIN track, The Hand That Feeds, yesterday, and again today. I've yet to hear it all the way through, but it sounds more akin to the Downward Spiral than the last Reznor effort from 5 years back, which is a good thing. I like the last album mind you, it just wasn't the work of brilliance the previous two were. Of course Trent could release an album of him programming his keyboards and tuning his guitars and I'd buy it and like it!

A quick check on AMAZON reveals the new album, With Teeth, drops on May 3rd.

May's shaping up to be a good month, new NIN and Star Wars. I seem to recall the last NIN album was out around the time of the first Star Wars prequel...

UPDATE: Go to the NIN homepage HERE, and check out CURRENT section, the 3/17 entry has a download of the new video!

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