Friday, April 22, 2005


The May Previews Catalog for new comics shipping in July, a quick wrap-up:

Dark Horse and DC un-impress…
Aside from DC’s solicit of All-star Batman & Robin, the highest ordered book of the year no doubt, but is anyone else scared that it’s the first issue and DC already has to use preliminary art for the solicits. Jim’s great, but the man is not as fast as his recent schedule. Couldn’t DC wait till this was further along?
Oh yeah, and Silent Dragon by Diggle and Yu looks cool...

Image kicks ass this month, well really, overall.
They’ve added promising new (and re-mastered) product like:
- Body Bags re-mastered – the stunning Jason Pearson mini-series (recently covered here)
- Bone Rest – the US debut of the critically acclaimed Italian series from Guiseppe Camuncoli (The Intimates)
- Guncandy
- The Silencers – one of my favorite small press books of recent years makes the move to Image
- Wildguard: Fool’s Gold – Todd Nauck’s back for another round of reality TV heroes
- Freshman – the somewhat intriguing four color foray of Seth Green (co-creator).

This is all on top of recent promising new books still early in their runs offered here too; Flak Riot, Girls, Godland, Hero Camp, and NYC Mech: Beta Love (recently featured on TSL as well). Not to mention the other half dozen or so books I’d like to see closer. Impressive!

Marvel has some more House of M one-shots. Re-imagined characters are fun, but it sure seems like we’ve had more than enough in recent years. Do we really need Iron-Man as a Pat Lee Transformer? Ultimate starts looks to be cool; Ultimate Moon Knight (the Sienkiewicz series from the 80’s was my fave), Ultimate Polaris (have I ever mentioned I really dig chicks with green hair?), and Ultimate FF #1, no wait, it’s not, oh #21, the first issue by Mark Millar and Greg Land (is it just me, or does this creative team make Ult FF feel like a different book altogether? Not to mention, way too many creative team changes on this book in general. The recent Millar interview on Newsarama was interesting so I’m looking forward to it any way).

There are a lot more questions raised from the Marvel stuff, such as:
- Dave Lapham does DD vs Punisher? What the?
- Uh, what’s Hulk Destruction #1? Did they totally piss away all the readers from the Jones run and have to grab at a new #1 already (the mini-series in place of the regular series thing?)?
- Is anyone under the age of 35 a fan of the Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire trifecta, or am I off base here?
- Machine Teen, where to begin? Why’s he naked, but ya know not like totally? Is the Machine Teen's dark secret that he's not anatomically correct? And why do they need to force me to ask that?!?
- Livewires #6, WHY THE HELL AREN’T MORE PEOPLE BUYING THIS FUCKING BOOK?!? Adam Warren rocks! Dammit!
- Mark Pannacia? You come from Tokyopop, why do you put Leonard Kirk on the new Scorpion? Why?? Kirk's a great guy, but he’s a million miles from the right artist for this book/character… (James Jean sure is good though…)

Small Press Mash-Up
Hip Flask: Mystery City – Ladronn is a master, a freaking comics master!
Seal Team Seven – WOW! Lar knows how to use a splash page ad! (Pun intended mother-fuckers!)
Alias Comics – Uh, too much guys, too much. Avalanche-like in your releases, hope that works out for you…
Darkwood – YAY! More Darkwood!
The Lexian Chronicles – Wow, look at that cover! I’m looking forward to this one…
Red Sonja #2 – gotta love that Art Adams variant
GI Joe – Joe Casey with artists Stefano Caselli & Sunder Raj, okay I’ll bite. Dig the group shot too!
Smoke #3 – Can’t wait for #1 to hit… looks/sounds really good!
The Silencers: Black Kiss TP – Hey look, it’s the original Silencers run, grab it!
Sharknife volume 1 offered again – I’m still waiting for my copy from the first offering, can’t wait! Sharknife is going to kick so much boo-tay!
Blame volume 1 – Creator Tsutomu Nihei’s (Wolverine Snikt) creation finally hits US shores!
Middleman – A writer from Lost, and an artist from one of my favorite small press books, sounds good to me.
The Art of Josh Howard volume 1 – Ooh, ahhh, oh…

In conclusion - There’s way too much stuff guys!

From the big companies, to the onslaught of new small press publishers, all dumping multitudes of new titles on the market. Some argue there’s no such thing as too many comics, but how can anyone possibly give all this new stuff a chance? That means quality stuff will never find it’s audience. You simply can not argue that true guality stuff will find it's audiecne in this market, there's too much stuff. I mean look how long my quick wrap-up is…

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