Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Wonder Showzen Ruulez!

Wonder Showzen is to cable television, what Deep Fried is to comics.

Kick ass?!

Downright rude?!

Spewing from every orifice?!

MTV2 are the proud purveyors of comedic filth know as Wonder Showzen, the mad cap comedy half hour filled with children, cartoons, and puppets... evil, demented, crass, and downright laugh out loud fun children, cartoons, and puppets!!!
I love it!

Wonder Showzen is not for everyone, but after all, you are reading The Sh!t List, so there's no fucking disclaimer necessary.

I especially liked the Hobo Ops cartoon, a crack team of G.I Joe-esque marine vets who run missions on the corner liquor store from their base camp, the trash can.

MTV2 has a Wonder Showzen page of course, and there's a nifty cartoon to be had HERE

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