Monday, April 18, 2005


Okay, we're talking about Ghost In the Shell - Stand Alone Complex: volume 5, in case you couldn't decode the abbreviations... This of course, is the recent Production I.G Japanese television series released stateside on DVD (and also airing on Cartoon Network).

I've been watching this one via Netflix, and just got the fifth volume, which collects episodes 17-20, even though it'd been out for a little while now.
As with volume 4, I thought this was the final volume in the first series, but it turns out there's actually a sixth. Because of this, I kept expecting the discs to focus on "The Laughing Man" storyline, the back-story, or only continual major plot that carries through the season. With volume five, we do get the final episode delving into that storyline, and a fine cliffhanger at that.

Another truly solid set of stand alone episodes otherwise. The stories are always dense and intelligent, a detailed exploration into this near future world. Even though the animation is top notch throughout, it does vary at times.

Great series, can't wait for the next/last volume.
I do understand there's a new run to follow this though...

Check out more about the show HERE

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