Sunday, April 03, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Gotta getta Gantz

The latest addition to Anime Network on demand, is Gantz. I’d read good things about this series and was intrigued by the premise, so when I heard it would be on Anime Network, but hadn’t seen it make its way to on demand (as our Comcast digital cable only includes Anime Network on demand), I was concerned. The other day I noticed it appeared there, and viewed it late last evening.

I found the story with a surprisingly jaded protagonist getting pressured into saving a homeless man from subway tracks to end up decapitated but reappearing, trapped, in a room with other recently somewhat deceased men and a giant black orb where a naked woman appears and almost gets raped by a Yakuza very intriguing indeed. Assuredly it sounds more graphic than it actually is, however it is clearly focused on the darker nature of life.

I’ll surely tune in for more, and highly recommend you check it out if you can.

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