Monday, April 25, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: J Campbell goes WILD on Newsarama!

Okay, J Scott Campbell is one of my all time favorite artist/creators, and in this I am not alone...
but cue the LL Cool J, cause the J-man's about to attempt a comics comeback with Wildsiderz, his first all new project since the 90's!!!

To get you warmed up for the June debuting issue zero that will include 8 story pages and countless sketches/character pieces, and the series that follows in August, Newsarama had a little chat with the superstar artist about the book, Danger Girl, Gen 13 and everything inbetween.

Check it out HERE

If you're still jonesing for some more J Scott, then hit up his website, HERE


Okay, so when I wrote this post this morning, I had no idea how appropriate the title would be, "J Campbell goes WILD on Newsarama". Because as it turns out J Scott is being rather active with the comments to the interview in the forums. Now he's not exactly going wild, but he is trying to keep the sourpusses at Newsarama in check. It makes for some good fun!

Check out the action HERE

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