Thursday, April 07, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: T51 + 1 = Free!

Circulating the comic news feeds is a press release from Super Real Friend, Law Dog Comics, announcing the release of the Territory 51 trade paperback. As seen HERE on Newsarama for example.

I was impressed with the debut issue of T51, and you can be too...
Just click HERE to get a free look-see at the entire first issue! The story is a downright fun mix of area 51, aliens, and cowboys(?!), and Fidler's colors are very impressive!

Others have asked about the jump from a single issue, number one, to the trade, due April 13th. I'll se if I can't get the skinny from the LD Posse...

No sooner than publishing this bit (simultaneous-like), Posse leader Mr Heffron posted an explanation of the publishing move:
First off we apologize to you and our existing readership, but the
realities of the comic marketplace dictated that plans for issue two be scrapped due to lower than expected orders. Subsequently the whole story and additional material will be contained in the trade edition.

Now, under no circumstances would we want an existing reader to feel cheated by this move, so here's our offer: You send us a check (you
have the address because you bought issue one) for $3.00 to cover
postage and we'll send you the trade. Your readership means more to us
than any other, because you took a chance on us. This is the least we
can do. Best, J Heffron

Case closed, and a downright generous offer!
Round 'em up and move 'em out!

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