Tuesday, April 05, 2005


BrokenFrontier ran a piece on the upcoming line-up from Viper Comics, and is it just me, or are these guys really lining up some stellar looking books?!

I'm looking forward to the first issue of Random Encounter, and now they've got three more books due out this summer that look really nice.

1) Josh Howard Art Book Volume 1 (pictured above) - this one's a natch. I love Josh's stuff, and hey, he's the kick ass variant artist for the first issue of my book!
2) Karma Incorporated - sounds like a neat concept
3) The Middleman - also sounds cool, and has a writer from Lost, and former artist/creator of one of my faves from a few years back, Les McClaine (of Slave Labor's Highway 13)!

Go to BrokenFrontier for more details and links HERE

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