Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've seen the FUTURE... and it's DIGITAL

Don't believe me?
Ask Seven Seas Manga, they've just sent a press release entitled:
Which you can view over on NEWSARAMA

The PSP (Playstation portable for you neophytes) is the latest weapon in the war for digital media, because it's got some steam behind it as a portable device, and it can be used for viewing pictures. Savvy users are downloading manga scanslations available online to read comics on their gear, and now savvy publishers, like Seven Seas are jumping in.

As soon as I read the Newsarama article a couple weeks back, that swiped from, the story on PSP manga reading, I too become excited about getting in on the ground floor of PSP comics. However, I don't own a PSP (not that I don't want to, they're spendy, and I'm an artist, do the math) so there's a bit of a learning curve. That didn't stop me from boning up about the device and transferring some of my comic's files to the PSP screen format... and this new news adds fuel to my quest.

If anyone out there knows a resource on how to set up downloads for the PSP, hook me up. In the meantime I'll go see what I can find, as I have time...

The digital revolution is coming, all it takes is a device, perhaps the PSP, that makes viewing comparable to print (or at least palpable). The cost difference and distribution hurdles of print make this a given. Just try this analogy on for size, if you had exponentially cheaper fuel available from a device in your home for your car, would you still schlep it to the gas station at upwards of $3 per gallon (sound familiar?)? No way in hell. That's print. Outdated. Overpriced. Broken distribution channels. Granted it will perhaps always serve a niche, but it will never compete with digital media, once digital comics/books get some legs.

Check out what Seven Seas has going on HERE

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