Saturday, April 16, 2005


Retailer Larry Doherty knows his shit when it comes to comics.
Don't believe me?
Larry picked Super Real as a book to watch, he even flew me out to Chelmsford Mass. to guest at his show.
Not good enough?
Well, Larry is a retailer advisor for Wizard Magazine.
Plus he runs a mega-cool shop in Lowell MA, and has started his own New England area con circuit.

Here's his latest market report, straight from the con floor:
Jason Todd is on FIRE!! Batman 635-636-637-638 WERE IN DEMAND $3-6 EA right now key books are
BATMAN 366 1st Jason Todd in Robin Costume $25

GREEN GOBLIN IN DA HOUSE!!..Runaways #1 vol 2 by in "Brian" we trust Vaughan is an instant sellout #1 $6 #1 second printing is awesome much needed and selling fast..!! Back issues of the regular first series are a smoking…$4-#12 I was WRONG!! Excelcior debuts in the sold out #1 they are in costume in #2…and their first full costumed appearance will be #3 itts gonna be a Gem!! …YES Darkhawk #1 will be a key book!! YES Power Pack #1 will be a key book!! YES New Warriors #27 will be a key book!! YES… Spectacular Spiderman #225 will be a key book(FIRST PHIL URICH…THE GOOD GREEN GOBLIN)!! YES GREEN GOBLIN #1 will be a key book!! YES Generation-X #1 will be a key book!! YES…Ricochet #1 will be a Key Book!!

Ed Benes on Superman is gonna be HUUUUGE!!! His birds of prey run sell for $4-$6 ea

We sold out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS this week.It was a $5 item AT THE SHOW this weekend. I predict that Blue Beetle will be back by the end of this story jacked with power from the Beetle amulet and the Wizard Shazam…Blue Beetle #1 and Booster Gold #1 become $7 items…SHHHAAAZZZZZAAAAAMMMM!!!.

Seven Soldiers #0 is sold out…it is a $5 ITEM

Wachowski Bros of MATRIX…gomic geeks with the cake to take-over the world Doc Frankenstein #1 is SOLD OUT…it is $7...#2 variant $25 this book is going to go Atomic hot…it is sooooooo good!! Shaolin Cowboy #1 has sold out, a new printing is on the way…#1 $7 #2 Variant $15

V for Vandetta Back Issues are going to become a hot commodity based on the sales of the TPB. News of the new film has fans seeking out this 80s classic $6-$7 ea

Lex Luthor #1 is a $6 book and it is SOLD OUT at DC!!

Deathstroke is a major DC villan and his first appearance in Teern Titans #2 is becoming a $50 item fast.?? He is a major player in Infinite Crisis and I predict it will be a $100 item soon. CCG guys are scouring the shows for this bad boy!!

Book of the year is Avengers. Bendis and Finch top everyones must read list #1 $5 #1 variant $70 its insane..this book has really spiked recently
Spiderwoman #1 is a $15 book
!! Recent spillover is the book everyone at shows is digging for…Marvel Spotlight #32 first spiderwoman…it will be a$100 item soon

Little goth kids Loooove Johan Vasquez…Filler Bunny was Huge Mover for us. Retailors better bag this nasty treat…its pretty gross and not for kiddies.

Age of Apocalipse completists are searching for the uber tough to get obscure books from the mega crossover…they are X-MAN minus 1 55,56 , what if #75 #81 both tales from the age one shots…all are $12 items

JOSH WHEDON IS SO HOT FRAY IS SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES…everyone wants to check out his first comic work!!..Colossus is back and kiddies late to the parade want Uncanny X-Men 388-390, Cable 87, Bishop 16, and X-Men 108-110. Dreams- End storyline where our lovable ruskie bites it..…of particular note are Cable #87 and Bishop #16…both are $15 books.

All of marvels "limited Editions" are being purchased like fine wines…THE LATEST AND GREATEST WERE RUNAWAYS #1 AND ULTIMATE IRON MAN#1

Its no secret that Green Lantern continues to spark up the ole ring of readers. BUT .recent spillover…green arrow #96 Hal Appearance $10

Jla storyarc with Kurt Busiek an Ron Garney #107-#110 is heating up and sold out $4-$6 ea!!
Crime Sindicate of America is HOT!!!

THE MOVIE HAS LIT sin city back issues are on fire...

hottest are the original are YELLOW BASTARD issues next are the one shots... theese all pertain to the movie and hardcovers are insanne also...prices are volitile and will level out at about double what they are going for now..
#1 DHP Fifth Anniversary special - Sin City $75

Manhunter #5 remains the holy grail for IDENTITY CRISIS completists $25

Simpsons Comics and stories #1 is the first appearance of the SIMPSONS in comics and we sell it regularly for $25

The guy knows his stuff, and for all you collector types out there, heed his words...

For Larry's full con report, and details about his shows, click HERE

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