Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Click on over to Diamond Comics website for the complete list of comics due in stores tomorrow.

Highlights include:
Villains United #1 - I'm not planning on picking this up but it's a hot one (and it's got JG coverage boyee)
NYC Mech: Beta Love #1 - as featured HERE, NYC Mech is one of my faves! Check this out if you haven't... at least a flip through...
Ultra TPB - Collecting the buzz Image book by the Luna Brothers. I skipped the floppies, but been meaning to have a closer look, perhaps this is the time...
Shana #4 - Finnaly, Cho on a title I can follow. This man can draw!
Darkham Vale TPB - Great series from UK rising talent Jack Lawrence (currently tearin' shit up on Image's Lions Tigers and Bears)

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