Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hit the link
to see the complete list of comic swag arriving in your LCS tomorrow kiddies!

Highlights include:
PREVIEWS VOL XV #6 - preorders are your friends
DC SPECIAL THE RETURN OF DONNA TROY #1 - Hey look, it's the debut of the new, still lame DC logo!!
OMAC PROJECT #2 - Does that stand for "original mack"? Mac daddy Omac boyeee. Any who, Rucka spins a solid female covert operative story (where have I seen this before...) in the DCU.
GIRLS #1 - The Luna brothers return, I'll check em out this time...
ULTIMATE IRON MAN #2 - Didn't number one come out like, last year...
ULTIMATES #6 - Damn good book, like you didn't know...
DEAD AT 17 VOL 3 REVOLUTION TP - Josh Howard rocks!

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