Friday, May 06, 2005

HEY DJ! - Nine Inch Nails strikes back!

Just wondering?

Does anyone else think WITH TEETH is a return to form for Mr. Reznor?

On my fourth pass through the disc, it's now risen to euphoric levels on my brainwaves.
First time through I thought it was solid, but a little cold, as with THE FRAGILE, and not progressing too much from his earlier efforts in terms of creativeness.
Second time, it sounded better, good, great.
Third time, yep it's great, this is a grower.
Fourth, well, it's becoming clear this is a spectacular effort. Standouts include (besides the obvious radio track, The Hand That Feeds); Only, Sunspots, and Right Where It Belongs.

It may have been eleven years since Trent crafted a disc of this magnitude (with only The Fragile coming between this and The Downward Spiral), but I think it's on a level with his earlier works, at least in terms of quality.

Whereas with The Fragile, you had many great tracks, there was a certain impenetrable quality to it, that kept you at arms length, With Teeth is more intimate, the soundscapes more inviting. Also of note, the lyrics feel stronger here. I'd heard Trent approached this effort by writing lyrics first (as opposed to possibly a differnt aproach with the last effort I suppose), and it shows.

Dave Grohl on live percussion doesn't hurt anything either (I love the Foo, but it always irked me that such a great drummer stepped away from his kit).

Here's what some reviewers are saying:
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Anyone out there have their takes on this?

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