Friday, May 27, 2005


High profile that is.

In the latest issue of Previews comics catalog, it's hard to miss the hype for the relaunching of Lo-Fi Magazine. Lo-Fi is an awesome comics culture magazine that also covers other pop culture, including music, and is distributed to the mass market. In it's original incarnation, it was a smaller size, and had trouble penetrating the comic book direct market (where it would find most of it's readers). Now that looks to change as it's relaunched in a larger size, and with mad press coverage in the Previews catalog, the main tool with which to penetrate the direct market!

I came across Lo-Fi at last year's San Diego Comic Con, and it's a solid mag, that pimps hot artists on the covers, and small press and underground stuff in the pages. It's like the cool alternative to the mega-corporate Wizard comics magazine. Definitely worth your time.

Check out their website HERE
and sign up to check out the mag, or at least watch for it/ask for it in your local shops.

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