Friday, May 06, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The PSP comic love fest continues...

As you can read on THE PULSE and various other comic news sites, has launched, and they want the public to know it.

What's PSPcmx?

Well, it isn't DC's CMX manga line ported to the PSP, which is what the name led me to believe. Nope, it's an all new website dedicated to free comic book content that you can download to your PSP, that isn't manga. Imagine that...

claim to have material lined up beyond their launch, which includes titles like Legacy (the former DBpro Image title), and Barbarossa (from Kandora Publishing, the Crossgen lookalikes).

The website looks pretty spiffy.
Check it out HERE

Beloved readers of TSL know all too well that I'm frothing at the mouth with the idea of setting up Super Real for the PSP. Well, that is getting closer, but details are still hush hush.

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amokima said...

umm. there's nothing happening at yet.