Sunday, May 15, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Super Real reviewed!

As mentioned before, the first double-sized issue of Super Real is complete, and work on distribution has now begun. In an effort to maximize the release, which is brutal on any publisher, especially a small press self-publisher such as myself, I've begun to send the book out to the comic industry review community, hopefully obtaining some good words to help the launch.

The latest review in on the first issue is from Troy Brownfield of Newsarama's Best Shots weekly review round up. Taken from the review:

Overall, Super Real is a fun read. The 44-page first issue looks primed to strike a chord with disenchanted MTV watchers or those in search of a kicky comedy. This certainly holds promise for at least a limited series; with so many books going to “Seasons” now (like Sleeper and Hard Time), it might be appropriate for Martin to do a whole string of minis, rotating casts and cities and powers each time. At any rate, this is a fine start.

To have a look at the full review, and add your own comments, just go HERE
Let the Newsarama community know what you think of Super Real!

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