Sunday, May 01, 2005

May is THE month!!

Okay, May, this month, should be huge for pop culture...

First of all, May 19th, a little movie called Star Wars Revenge of the Sith drops, I don't have to tell you how fucking huge the last chapter of the Star Wars saga is going to be, fan or no...

On the music front you've got Nine Inch Nails on the 3rd (YAY!), Trent's first album in SIX YEARS (after the Fragile, he'd even given up the notion of more efforts)...
Then The Gorillaz 2nd album (of entirely new recordings, they've released a couple remix albums since their debut, of which I can't recommend Gorillaz VS The Space Monkeys highly enough) on the 24th (YAYsquared!!)

TV brings us the conclusion of the three great shows that I currently watch:
and Deadwood.

Anime brings us the final installment to the first volume of the amazing, engrossing, deep-thinking, action, drama, sci-fi, police procedural - Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
And if you're hungry for more Shirow, the new Appleseed anime comes out on DVD this month too, May 10th!

Not to mention there's sure to be some great comics and manga due this month too!


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