Monday, May 23, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Nooooooooooo!!!!

Quite possibly the funniest (and indeed lamest) thing to come from the Star Wars universe ever:

Now captured forever through the magic of the internet!

Yes, this is what we all waited 28 years and stood in line for all the prequels for. Darth Vader appears in the final 30 seconds of the movie and gives us the dumbest Star Wars scene ever, topping even the Ewoks. And if you thought Jar Jar Binks was a trainwreck...

Hey, wait a sec, memo to George... why didn't you have Anakin's fall to the dark side begin with:
"Annie, mee-sah gonna stop you." Jar Jar flings himself between Anakin and the Jedi younglings.
Anakin's lightsaber crackles to life, we see the look of terror on Jar Jar's face highlighted by the glow of Anakin's saber...
A swoosh...
Cut to a scene of Jar Jar's head rolling on the ground in front of the younglings, as they all cower in a corner in terror. With the slaying of his childhood friend, Anakin's transformation to the dark side is complete, and millions of fans scream out in joy!
Then he goes ahead and slaughters the children!

Now that's how you do it! "Bom-bad Jedi" indeed!

Anyway, I'm thinking all reviews of the film should just be pointed towards this site...

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