Friday, May 20, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Sin City sequel in the works

Newsarama and Reuters report that Sin City is officially a "go" for a sequel, and that production could start this year.

"...official word came yesterday at a luncheon that Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s new (i.e., divorced from Disney) company is planning a sequel to Sin City.
The confirmation from the Weinsteins confirms a report from Screen Daily which stated that Frank Miller is already scripting Sin City 2. Various rumors claim that Miller and co-director Robert Rodriguez will begin filming not one, but two sequels back to back, on green screen, next February."

Check out more info on Newsarama HERE
or Yahoo News HERE

Loved the movie and can't wait for more! That's the other great thing about Rodriquez, besides his never ending talent, he's also prolific, releasing up to 2 movies a year!

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