Thursday, June 09, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: The MTV Movie Awards a classy event?

Well, almost.
The 2005 MTV Movie Awards ran this evening, and MTV award shows can be hit or miss, ranging from infectous overloads of energy, to flat marathons of queue cards and lame jokes. This was one of the better ones.

From the host, Jimmy Falon, to the elaborate, fun, imaginitve stage, with giant letters spelling movie, each with multiple sets within, full of performances...

Even the music was pretty solid.
Well, Eminem did cut his decent new track short to blab on about his daughter, and Mariah Carey performed as well, but the Foo Fighters rocked solid...

and Yellowcard turned in a surprisingly cool reworking of the Breakfast Club staple, Don't Forget About Me, during the tribute (but where were Emilo and Judd?).
Tarantino was crazy red (or just plain crazy)...

Dustin Hoffman brought the wacky energy from Meet the Fockers to his golden corn acceptance, and some of the MTV movie spoof/productions were top rate, such as opening the show with a thrill ride in the new Bat-suv.

Even the pre-show was fun, with Nicole Richie, and Fat Joe turning in surprisingly good guest host performances.

Yeah, it was good. Oh, the awards? Who cares. Same as usual, the MTV movies cleaned up, but they were mostly deserving, sort of...

Catch one of the 24/7 reruns if you missed it!
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And now some more pics!

Ultimate Fantastic Four?

This one speaks for itself...

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