Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Champloo, watch, repeat?

Samurai Champloo is a stylish anime to be certain. From the concept, mixing classic Japanese samurai legends with modern hip hop, to the animation, which is always rendered with quality and flair. It's also got legions of fans, and quite a strong buzz.

I'm now through the second volume of the series on DVD, and I'm a bit unsure what all the hooplah's about though... It's a solid show, and a fresh concept, but just as with Cowboy Bebop (from the same creator), I don't really get the fascination? For me it's good stuff, just not the best, like so many others make it out to be. As with Bebop, the characters don't really draw me in, and I suspect that's my main problem. I just find them to be mildly interesting.

Overall though, Samurai Champloo is a great anime, you can't go wrong. Catch it either on DVD or Cartoon Network and see for yourself, maybe you'll join the legions of Champloo worshipers...

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