Thursday, June 09, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Batman soars into the NY Post

Over on Newsarama, there's a quick note confirming a DC Comics, Batman promotion, through the NY POST. It seems DC will distribute 750,000 copies of Batman number 608, the kickoff of the top selling "Hush" storyline, with the newspaper to tie in a promotion with the Batman Begins film releasing next week.

For the full details, go HERE

This is a great marketing attempt by DC, and exactly the kind of thing the big publishers need to do more of, to bring new readers into the market. I especially like the fact that they chose a story/issue that features themes that work for mature, and younger audiences, rather than material aimed strictly at kids. One can argue either way in regards to targeting kids with these types of promotions, but since the market is not geared for them, a product that appeals on all levels is, I think, the best choice.


Javier Hernandez said...


I saw this on the net also. I think it's a very good idea. Free comics in the paper! Kinda like the old Spirit comic handed out in papers in the olden days.

It's very clever on DC's part to pick a story that's available in trade paperback too. This will market the movie and the trade. Hopefully people will follow Batman into the comic shops and find other books that interest them as well. Where's my Stan Lee/Jack Kirby FF comic inside USA Today?!?!?!

Coming up, look for the special El Muerto comic book in the Los Angeles Times, no???!!!!


Jason Martin said...

Or how bout Super Real in the Oregonian, talk about your lucarative marketing ideas...