Wednesday, June 08, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: LITG gets corporate

Lying in the Gutters, in it's new journalistic form, has a great rundown of the current climate of our big two comics companies. Summing up where they've been, where they're at now, and how they got there. A good overview of thier current, increasingly corporate, directions.

From his comments about Marvel:
As for content, recent comics look in many ways to continue along the lines of the sea change Joe and Bill brought to the company, but increasingly in content the nostalgia has been creeping in again. While Icon gives limited scope to experimentation, and titles like "Omega the Unknown" emerge, overall there seems a more conservative and nostalgic slant. Even "House Of M" has its roots in Avengers plotlines over a decade old. And the large amount of off-the-wall titles are suddenly rarer.

At Marvel, modernization won, saved the company and revitalized the comics, but nostalgia has managed to grab onto its neck at the last minute.

And then on DC:
The company is changing to a multi-media business model, as Warner Brothers pay it more attention in the light of successful film and TV franchises emerging.

As I've stated here previously, I'm leary of these new corporate directions, but hope for the best.

For the full scoop from Rich, go HERE

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