Thursday, June 09, 2005


Thought I'd throw a quick spotlight on the Should it be a Movie? review column by Marc Mason, that runs on MoviePoopShoot, because I'm not sure how widely known it is.

I travel quite a bit in internet comic sites, and I'd never heard of it til he bought a copy of my SDCC preview book for review from my wife at the con last year. He was kind enough to review my book, and I've since kept tabs on his column.

He gives brief but insightful reviews to a healthy cross-section of books, as opposed to the sometimes too faithful pandering of bigger publishers found in other columns. Hell, we all read the bigger stuff, so I'm not knocking that, just saying his reviews are a welcome change up.

Check out his current line-up, if you want to sample a good mix small press HERE
Or the current column can always be found at this link HERE

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