Friday, December 23, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: A pair of Marvel's

One of my favorite books in recent years, and indeed of all time, was Marvel's X-FORCE/X-STATIX by MILLIGAN and ALLRED, so needless to say, I was sad to see it go.

Another publishing effort of Marvel's that I was very fond of in recent years was the MARVEL MANGAVERSE, Marvel characters re-imagined from a contemporary Eastern creative standpoint.

Turns out both properties are set to make a comeback of sorts, both as mini series, and there's currently preview pages from both in the latest batch of advance looks from the publisher.

You can view some of the pages on HERE

Milligan and Allred can do no wrong together, and it's just really refreshing to see the Marvel Universe in a modern contemporary way (by an actual manga artist even)!


xoshua said...

new managverse #1 was, to me, about as good as the original "bookends" for the first miniseries. (my fave so far of all the managversde stuff has been legend of the spider clan).

what i think is funny about the eastern artists and manageverse, is that no one wanted to work on them because they wanted to work on the marvel U "proper" characters...

Jason Martin said...

So, you mean your read it already?
It comes out tomorrow...

I know it was a Marvel sneak peek last week though, I thumbed through it (side note: I hate it when books I'm dying to read are sneak peeks, like Mangaverse or Dead Girl last week, cause I want to take them home with me sooo bad, but the shop dudes all "yo, no")
and I know you work in a shop, so I assume you mean you already read it?

My fave of the original Mangaverse was, surprise surpris, Adam Warren and Keron Grant's Fantastic Four. I thought it was cool, imaginative, different, cool, sexy, and damn man, just frickin cool!
I also dug the Matsuda X-men, and especiall too, like you, Spider-Clan (the one shot). Kaare Andrews can flat out DRAW bruther. Draw like a madman. I even have an original art page of his from that book (the first spidey suiting up sequence)((I also have a couple pages from the Ben Dunn bookend finale))...
Kaare Andrews faded into obscurity after that though
I see he's back doing some covers again for Marvel now though.