Wednesday, December 21, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: 12/7 & 12/14 books PT 2

Here's part two of my reading stack from the past couple weeks (not counting books out today)...

DANGER GIRL: Back in Black #2
This one is a bit jarring. We go from full on espionage in the vein of the original books (but with the dudes), to the main plot of the girls on motorcycles. It's still not at all to the level of charm the series is known for over all, and the characters come off flat, especially the villains.
The tease at the end is fun though...

DMZ #2
I'm still really digging DMZ. The concept is so strong, it's hard not to. This issue gets us deeper into the ground level of our NYC war zone, and is fairly strong through-out. Though I'd rather see some more action from this set up, then trips to makeshift children's hospitals. The scene with the snipers is really smart and interesting though...

I really liked the first issue from this series. Issue two is good, but really light. Both in terms of story, and pay off. The first issue had all the same elements, namely crisp black and white inky art, and true to life characters and settings, but it also had a hook, something unexpected. Issue two lacks anything extraordinary...

Scanned through some online reviews of this before I'd read it, and they were pretty mixed bag, so I was pleasantly surprised to read it, and see just how much Kirkman's allowed to cut loose with zombie-fied versions of the Marvel U.
A really strong start to the issue, and a fun book over all.

Gosh, it seems like all of the books this time are weaker entrants from a promising series. I really enjoyed issue 1 of this title, but the latest issue didn't grab me at all. I didn't know or care what exactly was going on, except that it was a continuation of issue two's limbo for the protagonist. And by the end of the issue she's set up back in school. Say wha?

Seems like this book was previewed AGES ago, and it's finally out. The promise of the sample art is found in spurts in the book, but I guess we've got art by committee. It all fits together well, but some artists are stronger than others, and the story/sequentials can be confusing to follow. The upside? There's virtually no text, so it's easy to re-read and figure out. Even then though, I'm not sure how this is supposed to work when we know nothing of the characters to care at all about what's happening. I still say...

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