Friday, December 16, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: 12/7 & 12/14 books PT 1

Didn't make it to the shop last week, so I've got 2 weeks of books to go through.
Here's the top of the stack...


Thomas Jane, Steve Niles, and Tim Bradstreet headline this new image sci-fi entry. The pencils are by Lewis Larosa (I think, he's listed first along with Bradstreet as "illustrated"), a name I'm unfamiliar with, but the art is impressive. The opening sequence reminds me of one of the bits from the HEAVY METAL motion picture, a couple of spaced out aliens falling down on the job, and dropping some kind of giant alien pod on a collision course with Earth.
Now, I can tell you what happens in the first issue generally, and tell you it's generally really good, but unfortunately as nice as the artwork is, it's a bit dark and though it's ultra detailed, it struggles to clearly express what's actually happening, specifically. Dunno, guess you gotta see it. Maybe it's me.
I did really enjoyed this though, and look forward to more...


Josh Howard's latest creator-owned mysterious girl series was off to a good start, and issue two doesn't disappoint, but things only move forward just a bit. That's okay, I've a feeling things will start to cut loose soon.
His trademark art doesn't disappoint either.


Speaking of things cutting loose! Issue 9 of the Ultimates does just that, and then some! Everything Millar set up in the first 8 issues pays off big, as in big screen action and global scale mayhem! The traitor's revealed, figuratively and literaly, and so are a group of villains who look like our heroes polar opposites. I'm sure they're all Ultimate versions of Avengers or Marvel Universe villains, but I'm not going to try and figure that out, I'll wait for Millar to spell it out in the final chapters.
I'm sure this would read much better collected, as the action here is a bit breezy for a stand alone issue. Or better yet, if it were a monthly. That's the only mark here really...


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

It was a great issue ... Some beautiful action shots, and some beautiful shots of beautiful babes! What more could you want? A traitor revealed! Giant Men with exploding brains!

The Ultimates is one ultimate comic!

Jason Martin said...

Yes, there were some really cool splash pages, and ultra detailed, yet stylish, action.
Hitch is just incredible.

It's funny, I actually read it in bed, and my wife looked over at one point and was like, "What are you reading?!"
Not the response you'd expect from a Marvel comic, it was a tad on the sexy side...

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

My wife is Russian, just like Natasha!

Jason Martin said...