Thursday, December 15, 2005

INDUSTRY RANT: Spider-Man must be stopped!

Are you a comics fan?
Do you frequent comic book news sites?
Well then you must be familiar with these...

They've gotten to be a regular thing around the sites.
Now I realize this may come off as petty or bitter, but GOD DAMN, enough already!!!

Every major news site runs these "variant" Spider-Man covers (along with every other manufactured sell-out/reprint from the big two) as front page news. The difference with these, is they're well, silly. That's the point, I know. But most of all, this particular promotion is just endless... These special Marvel "promotions" get treated like big news by the sites, while smaller publishers, LIKE ME, can't get their previews even listed on the side columns.

Look, I'm a big fan of the bigger news sites, I link to, and post comments on them all the time. And for the most part, they do feature a wide range of content. I've even gotten feature coverage, and many positive reviews from them.
I just think it's a little silly to treat this particular promotion the way they do. It just highlights their tendency to skew towards the big publishers. Which ya know, is simple business, but I'd hope on the internet, the vast infinite canvas that it is, they'd make more time or space for the little guys.

But that's why there's other sites, smaller sites, willing to talk with and feature smaller creators like myself. I'd just encourage you to seek those sites out if you care about more than the latest Spider-Man market manipulated sell-out reprint, or Infinite DC cluster fuck sneak peek.

I read and enjoy a ton of stuff from the big publishers, and I like to see coverage of them as much as the next guy, but as a publisher, I find it a little disappointing that my opportunity comes at the expense of excessive promotions like this.

Here are some sites I frequent, or have found recently, that offer something different from the bigger ones:

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