Saturday, December 10, 2005


My local shop's been kind of spotty on pulling manga sing-ups for me lately, but admittedly, I've been kind of spotty with my sign ups, so perhaps it's on me... Anywho, there've been some recent OEL manga released by TokyoPop I was planning on checking out, but missed, well I was able to pick up one last night, PSY-COMM.

The premise of PSY-COMM was interesting enough, a corporate-run future where wars are waged for entertainment and profit, that follows some psychically enabled soldiers through the minefield of this setup. Besides the action themes, what really drew me to the book was the promising artwork of Shane Granger, who employs an obvious influence from one of my faves Masamune Shirow, among others. Turns out the book, and the art are fairly solid. A fast, enjoyable read. The story, and artwork both falter from time to time, the story, seeming to come in and out of focus and a bit lacking in characterization, with the art being a bit rushed at times. Otherwise PSY-COMM is all good. The themes they play with (kind of like using the X-Men in a sci-fi anime setting) and potential abilities of the artist are more than enough to prime you for the next chapter.

Give PSY-COMM a shot if you like anime like Robotech, sci-fi, or comics that spin contemporary takes on superpowered teams.

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